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Seedbox Agitator

This is an up-grade option available for both the Firminator and FirmiSeeder. This shaft is installed in the bottom of the seed box and is driven off of the sprocket drive assembly that turns the Accu-Seed metering system. The agitator shaft is useful for keeping custom seed blends containing extremely small and large seeds together evenly blended. This prevents the smaller seeds from flowing too quickly through the metering system, since it needs to be opened large enough to accommodate the largest seed in the blend. Note* if you are using pre-packaged seed blends you likely will not need the agitator.

Category-one cylinder with 3/4" pin holes OR Category-two cylinder with 1" pin holes

This is another up-grade option for The Firminator G-3 and The FirmiSeeder. This allows you to adjust The Firminator's forward or rearward tilt from your tractor seat, by operating the auxiliary hydraulic control lever. Of course your tractor must first have an auxiliary hydraulic connection. When ordering, please specify tractor make, model, horsepower, and category one or two three point. Due to the huge variety of hose lengths possible, we ship you a bare cylinder. You will need to visit a tractor dealer or hydraulic hose maker near you to have the correct hose fabricated.

To ensure the proper length cylinder, please measure your tractors top link from eye to eye at the shortest (closed) position. This length is vital for us to provide the proper cylinder for your application.

Pictured at top is our category-one cylinder. It has 3/4" pin holes and will require hydraulic hoses and appropriate end fittings (Not shown). Hoses and fittings not included.

Pictured at bottom is our category-two cylinder. It has 1" pin holes and will require hydraulic hoses and appropriate end fittings (Not shown). Hoses and fittings not included.

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